Student Possessions Insurance – One Less Thing to Worry About

If you’re planning on heading off to pastures new after being accepted into a university, it can be easy to be completely enveloped by the excitement and anticipation of finally fleeing the nest and forget about the practicalities of your new life. One thing is essential, however – student possessions insurance.When your life is changing rapidly, you might want to focus on getting all your things together and settling down in some new accommodation, ready to start making friends and getting to know a totally new area. So give yourself some peace of mind and one less worry by investing in student insurance.

Scholars notoriously have a tight budget to stick to, but you might be surprised by how cheap cover can be. Student insurance policies are extremely useful as they provide protection in the event of theft. If you’re taking expensive items to university – such as laptops, televisions, mobile phones and the like – you can rest assured that these items will be covered should you ever return to your digs and find they have vanished.Some policies cover walk-in theft and have features tailored especially for students, like 24-hour laptop replacement. So if you need your computer quickly, you’ll find one delivered to your door in less than a day. If your laptop will take more than five days to repair, you can also benefit from receiving a replacement on loan while yours is being fixed – preinstalled with programs like Windows.Other features often include cheap mobile phone insurance, new for old replacement of items and special discounts if you take out a policy jointly with your housemates.

You can expect to pay reasonable costs for your cover – for potentially less than a night out you’ll receive around £3,000 worth of cover for your possessions, which should be more than enough for all your treasured belongings.So give yourself one less thing to worry about and concentrate on familiarising yourself with new places and faces and most of all – enjoying your new life!

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