Does The Non-Working Spouse Require A Term Insurance Plan?

The dynamics of how people view the non-working spouse, and the working spouse brings life to the expression of the ‘unsung hero’. Both people provide equal and important support at home. However, the working spouse is often in the centre of the spotlight and credit is given for every good thing in the house. This high focus is the result of the fact that they provide a good financial future for the family. For many other reasons, the working spouse is always the centre of attention. In contrast, a non-working spouse often does good deeds and receives little or no recognition for it. For the major responsibilities they perform, it is surprising that they are not often thanked enough for their cooperation.

Responsibilities of a non-working spouse

  • Home maintenance

A non-working spouse is often asked to do household chores. This is because the working spouse is often absent to handle them. It becomes the job of the non-working spouse to keep the house clean, tidy, and in order. Maintaining a home is a physically demanding and often mentally frustrating job. Although there are many different types of electrical appliances available in the market, making sure they are used right and at the right time is the job of the non-working spouse. While the working spouse works very hard, the non-working spouse doesn’t do any less. The only difference is that the latter is not paid for their work.

  • Taking responsibility of children

In addition to managing and completing household chores, the non-working spouse also looks after the needs of their children. Sometimes, adults themselves can be difficult to deal with. Hence, managing children becomes an even tougher challenge. The non-working spouse ensures the proper nourishment and development of the child, resolves conflicts if there is more than one child, makes sure that the child is learning well, and keeps track of the children’s overall mental and physical development while also ensuring proper emotional development.

  • Support and partnership

A non-working spouse is often one of the most important aspects of a marriage. In addition to looking after the children and doing chores at home, the non-working spouse also sees to it that their partner gets the emotional and psychological support they need. They offer this support to not just to their partner but to also the whole family.

Term insurance benefits for a non-working spouse

If a non-working spouse does not partake in household chores, imagine how much time and energy it would take to hire someone to do them. Even if you hire someone to do the housework, you wouldn’t be able to replace the personal touch of a spouse. Knowing this, imagine the emotional impact it would have on the whole family if the non-working spouse died. That is why you should not delay and use a term insurance plan calculator and buy term coverage for your non-working spouse. Ideally, the biggest reason to buy a plan is to understand what term insurance is and what it can do for your spouse. This way, you will realise that the non-working spouse definitely needs term insurance. In such a situation, buying a joint term insurance plan is the best option. This ensures that the term policy is shared between the working and non-working spouses. It seeks to compensate for the untimely death of either spouse. Some benefits of having term coverage for your non-working spouse are:

  • Low premium for coverage

Term policy is a type of financial protection that provides nominees with a certain amount in the event of an unfortunate event. It is usually very costly and offers high coverage. However, women are entitled to a premium exemption under the terms and conditions of the policy. Therefore, you can get a lower term insurance premium as both the spouses are on a joint plan.

  • Joint life coverage

With a joint life insurance policy, both partners are eligible to receive plan benefits. This means that the surviving partner will be protected from any unforeseen event that may occur in their life. Therefore, if one partner dies and another claims, coverage for the surviving partner will still continue.

Term insurance policies for working and non-working spouses are equally important to ensure the financial security of their families. Both the working spouse and the non-working spouse will benefit from the same scheme.

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