Understanding Who Is Responsible For A Hospital Slip And Fall Injury

When a patient is admitted to a hospital and has a slip and fall accident, it engraves their original illness and might increase the hospital stay tenure. This is emotionally, mentally, and financially painful for patients as well as family members.

Generally, it is the liability of the owner of the premises if there are any slip and fall accidents, and therefore, the owner would be covering up the damages. If a patient falls in the hospital, who is responsible for the injury? Read on to know and understand!

Reasons for slip and fall cases in hospital

  • If the hospital premises is not lit correctly up or have dim or dull lightings causing a slip or missing a step, then there can be slip injury. Also, if there are no proper railings in the stairways which a patient can hold on to, it can lead to mishaps.
  • Cleaning is an essential aspect at hospitals, but if the floor is relatively wet and patients are unknown to it walking at their pace, they might slip and injure themselves.
  • All might not see loose wires and ill-fitted rugs/carpets that are coming off, and one can trip over it.

Is the hospital responsible for slip and fall?

If the fall or slip is due to the above-stated reasons or due to any hospital-related issues, the hospital is liable for it. The negligence could cost the patient, and the patient can ask for compensation through a claim.

Certain patients are not guided enough about the side effects after their surgery or treatment. Side effects, such as losing balance, improper vision, etc. can cause slip and fall accidents. If such a situation arises, then it comes under medical negligence. Doctors, as well as staff, must ensure a safe and healthy environment for patients. But if the patient fell due to his/her mistake, the hospital would not be responsible for it.

Proving liability and seeking compensation

After you had a fall due to hospital negligence, you must get to verify that the hospital was liable for your injury. It can be done via eyewitness testimony or having an after-fall injury report. This would help you to gain compensation for the injury caused by the hospital.

Ensure you have all documentation with you proving the monetary damage you had to endure after the hospital slip and falls to seek compensation.

Have a legal advisor to backup your case

The medical claim and compensation involve too much of the process, which would require you to hire a lawyer. They are experienced and have expertise in the field, allowing you to have a proper filing of the claim and compensation.

If the case proceeds legally, you will get your right to compensation, and your claim will be approved quickly.

Be it yourself or your near and dear ones who have faced a hospital slip and fall injury,  you can claim for monetary compensation. For the same, a professional team helps you to register the claim with a slip and fall lawyer. They make sure you receive your payment and then charge their fees.

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