How to Carry On With Life Amidst Corona Virus?

The spread of Covid-19 throughout the region of Nigeria is a cause of concern in the continent of Africa. The two largest Nigerian cities, Lagos and Kano, have been deeply affected by the coronavirus.

The Nigerian government has also extended the lockdown in Kano. Hundreds of doctors and nurses are infected from the virus, and gravediggers are doing overtime in Kano. Due to a lack of safety measures, Kano, and other cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria faced this sudden outbreak.

Many hospitals are not accepting any new patients for admission due to the growing number of positive cases in the city.

According to government officials and health experts, major Nigerian cities are facing a major outbreak. More than 700 positive cases and over 30 deaths have been reported in Kano so far. And the numbers are expected to increase drastically in the coming weeks.

Africa was one such continent that was least affected by the corona outbreak. However, with time the virus began to spread in major countries of Africa.

In this situation, doctors recommend specific measures for a safer post corona lifestyle. It should include frequent use of a good quality hand sanitizer. People are avoiding shaking hands with people. Sanitizers are being used to keep germs at bay and reduce the chances of spreading diseases.

To control the spread of the corona virus, health experts recommend following other basic hygiene practices as well. This includes practicing social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands with an antibacterial liquid, and using gloves.

There are several safety measures suggested by health care experts to prevent getting the coronavirus. However, the most important factor to consider while trying to stay safe during these stressful times is to follow proper protocol and hygiene as per the SOPs.

Those locals whose job requires to step out of the house amidst the global pandemic must keep an alcohol-based sanitizer at all times. People who work from home are encouraged to keep a hand sanitizer handy while taking grocery deliveries or receiving newspapers and mail.

People who are older, pregnant or already suffering from any chronic disease are advised to take good care of their health as it is more difficult for people who are already suffering from an illness to recover if they get infected with the virus.  Moreover, people are working from home and schools have been temporarily closed down. Students are having their classes taken online through video and audio conferencing apps like Zoom and Google class.

To ensure their hands are germ-free, people are advised to practice effective hand washing techniques. The WHO recommends to use antibacterial soap with water to wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds throughout the day. People who are traveling somewhere where there isn’t any place to wash hands can use alcohol-based sanitizers to protect their hands from germs, dust, and bacteria.

According to eminent psychologists, there is no given formula for healthy and positive recovery after going through any trauma. However, medical experts can monitor and enhance the process through specific strategies. This recovery cannot be rushed. Also, this process is not regarded as mandatory, and trauma victims are put at ease.

Medical experts use treatments based on certain principles. The treatment focuses on eliminating anxiety triggers and reducing stress levels. This method incorporates theories stemming from cognitive behaviorism. Self-development is given importance. The sense of self care is highlighted, and revising priorities is encouraged. While living in quarantine, one can spend time with his/her pet. Some people own pets who also assist as emotional support animals (ESA) . Many animals can work as ESA like that of dogs, horses, cats etc. However,  one must get an expert  ESA doctor’s review if he/she wants to opt for an ESA.

Medical experts help patients by hearing them out and encouraging them to share their experiences and lessons in life. This allows the patients to gain some perspective and find room for self-growth.

However, such self-development takes time and is a long and natural process. This journey of self-healing covers an extended period.  Medical experts believe that they can only initiate the process and steer the clients in the right direction. But it is up to the client’s willpower as to how long they take in recovering.

Taking the COVID 19 into consideration, psychologists can only help initiate the recovery from this challenging situation, and people will need to emerge from this pandemic at their own pace. This pandemic has given psychologists a chance to help the people see hope and optimism to emerge from this situation.

People who are not clinically depressed or trauma-victims can take this as an opportunity to revise their priorities. People can take a break from the fast-paced routine to focus better on relationships and other aspects of life that are truly important.

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