Where to Find the Best Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance is the need of the hour! With health care expenses rising steeply and incomes largely remaining stagnant, you cannot afford the best treatment if you do not have the backing of the best health insurance covers. You therefore need a health cover not just for yourself but also for your loved ones. Take a look at this article to know more about health insurance and how and where you can find the most suitable health plans.

How is health insurance helpful?

Health insurance is helpful in too many ways. Let us discover a few of them:

  • Brings quality healthcare within reach: Like mentioned above, the best healthcare facilities are exorbitantly expensive. Most people cannot afford it by just relying on their salaries. However, with a good health insurance plan, you can go ahead and seek treatment in the biggest hospital. Your health insurance covers such expenses and beings quality health care within your reach.
  • Keeps your savings intact: Picture this – you get involved in a road accident and break your knee. You require an emergency surgery. At the time of discharge, the hospital hands you a bill of INR 2 lakhs. With no health insurance in place you have no option but to foot the bill yourself. Your savings disappear in a flash! If you had the best health insurance cover, you would not have to pay anything and your savings would remain intact.
  • Keeps you healthier: People who have health insurance remain healthier as compared to those who do not have health insurance. This is because the health plans have provisions for OPD checkups, diagnostic tests and preventive health scans. These facilities keep major illness under control by nipping any serious problem in the bud. So get the best health insurance plans at the earliest.
  • Helps you save tax: This is another helpful advantage of health insurance. It helps you save taxes in a legal and proper manner. The premium you pay for your health plan is tax exempted under Section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act.

As you can see, health insurance does prove to be immensely helpful. You therefore need to get a good health plan in your name right away!

Best websites to compare your health insurance

While on one hand health insurance is crucial, on the other hand choosing the correct plan is even more crucial. You simply cannot buy the first policy that you come across. Health insurance is person specific and so you need to analyse your needs and see which plan is best suited for you. For this, you must first understand the basic offerings of health insurance and then select the type of plan that is ideal for you. A good way to find the best health insurance plan for yourself is to compare. Let us quickly look at some advantages you get when you compare health insurance:

  • Find the best prices: Comparing health insurance helps you find the best quotes. The different health plans are priced differently. Unless you compare, you will not know how each plan is priced and you won’t be able to make the most economical purchase.
  • Find the best health insurance plan: Apart from the prices, when comparing, you can also see the features of the plans. This helps you locate the ideal features that would make a particular plan work for you. You should scan the features of the different plans to find the best health insurance cover.
  • Know about the insurer: You can get info about the insurance providers when you compare. The basic ratings and claim settlement ratios of the insurers are mentioned in the results. This helps you choose the best insurance provider to buy the health plan from.

Thankfully, there are some excellent insurance aggregator websites like Coverfox.com that allow you to run quick comparisons and that too free of charge. You can also make your purchase from there and own your health cover in a safe, convenient and simple manner.

The bottom line

You will not regret your decision of buying health insurance once you see the benefits you receive. Health insurance is an investment – it is an investment for your health and your finances. It is a risk protection tool like none other. So if you haven’t gotten yourself the best health insurance cover yet, do so without any further delay and live a safe and healthy life.

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