Medicare Supplement Plans –  Nebraska

Nebraska Medicare Supplements are privately run insurance plans that fill in the expensive cost gaps that the government leaves unaddressed. They come in a standardized form, which means that the benefits across each letter plan are the same no matter what provider you go with, the only difference between plan providers are the prices. You’ve paid into the Medicare system for 10 years or more, and are ready to start receiving the benefits of Medicare coverage.

Nebraska Medicare Supplement Plans

Nebraska Medicare Supplement plans cover hospital visits, doctor’s appointments, overseas emergency care, and nursing care in your home. Only 80% of approved medical bills falling under Part B are covered by Medicare, even then there’s a deductible and premium as well as additional cost. Part A Medicare is for hospital visits, but if you stay longer than 60 days, expensive “coinsurance” payments kick in. Nebraska Medicare Supplemental insurance coverage often pays that deductible and around 20% of the coinsurance.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Nebraska Rate Determination

There’s three ways Nebraska Medicare Supplement rates are determined, Community Rated, Issue Age Rated and Attained Age Rated.

  1. Community Rated – Also called “non age rated”, the same monthly premium is charged to anyone who has that policy, regardless of their age. Premiums may go up because of inflation or other factors but not because of your age.
  2. Issue Age Rated – Also called “entry age rated”, these premiums are lower for people who buy the policy when their younger, and they won’t change as you get older. The premium is based on the age you are at the time you buy the policy.
  3. Attained Age Rated – Premiums are low for younger buyers, but go up as you get older. At first, this may be the least expensive way a carrier determines the rates. However, the rates will eventually catch up to be the same as Community or Issue age rated plans.

Nebraska Medicare Supplements for Below 65

Carriers are not obligated to offer Nebraska Medicare Supplements below 65 to those on disability that are receiving benefits from Medicare. Even though the carriers are not obligated, some of them do still offer plans in this case. To find out which carriers offer these plans, please contact an agent at the number above.

Compare Prices for Medicare Supplement Plans in Nebraska Online

We have multiple free resources, including answers to the most frequently questions over in our FAQ section and the most recent healthcare news on our blog. To compare Medicare Supplement plans in Nebraska, please reach out to one of our licensed agents in the state using the number listed above. If you prefer to compare the prices online, please click here to complete our rate form.

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