5 Questions That You Must Ask A Car Accident Lawyer

As fatal as they sound, car accidents are common phenomena. One should always be careful with their vehicles on the road. However, at the same time, you must know that accidents don’t even have a lot to deal with your driving skills. Mishaps don’t always come with reasons.

So, in order to always remain on the safer side, get in touch with a car accident lawyer, and remember to ask him/her the following questions.

Are you the lawyer who will actually be handling my case?

In most cases, people don’t get represented by the attorney they hire. Their case is handled by people working under that attorney.

You must not let this happen. Always ask the lawyer if he/she will personally be looking after your case. Direct contact between you and your lawyer must be there to ensure your chances of winning.

What will be your payment scheme?

It is essential to ask your lawyer about his/her charges in the very beginning. Usually, car accident attorneys prefer hourly fees. It’s in their best benefit. However, a contingency fee basis will fall under your interest.

With this payment scheme, you pay your lawyer a fixed percentage of your total settlement only if you win.

How long will my case take before it gets resolved?

After meeting with a car accident, you can also end up with serious injuries. Situations might get so bad that you’ll have to be admitted to a hospital and skip work as you pay your attorney for your case.

In times like these, your financial position is likely to start declining. So, you must ask your lawyer about the time that the case will take. This way, you can get a rough estimate of the expenses and plan them accordingly.

How robust do you think my case is?

It’s always better to go for a settlement from the insurance company if you don’t have a strong case. So, you must discuss it with your attorney beforehand whether your case is even strong enough.

Your lawyer must be able to convince the jury that the other person who caused the accident was careless. In case your lawyer can’t do it, your claim is probably not strong enough, and you should know it before investing your time and money in the case.

What can I do in order to make sure I win?

Most people hire an attorney and leave the rest to fate. However, this should not be the case. If you ask your lawyer what you must do to increase the chances of winning, he/she will definitely suggest you about being proactive. Your lawyer will need you to be involved until the case is resolved.

To make sure you’re making the best decision at all times, go for a car accident attorney in Kent, WA. They will have your back at all times and ease the whole procedure of a car accident case.

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