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3 Things You Need When Homesteading or Starting a Farm in Welland

Are you someone that is dreaming of or thinking of starting a farm or a homestead one day? Maybe you’re considering converting land to a home site where you could build a small cabin or you want to buy a few acres and turn it into a full-on farm. Or maybe you’re even looking to purchase a working farm or develop one that you’ve inherited.

No matter what the case, if you are thinking about homesteading or starting a farm then you are most likely someone that likes the idea and is interested and serious about living off of the land and generating and making things yourself. But a farm or a homestead rarely starts out completely functional right off the bat, particularly if you’ve never done it before.

In order to get your farm or homestead started, you’re going to have to get things done properly. While it may be easy to imagine yourself pulling beets out of the ground or being completely independent, you may find that a few of the same old things you had or did before will follow you onto the farm.

This can include everything from still having auto insurance in Welland, putting gas in your car, and still having a cell phone. While it is possible to not have any of these things, you may find that you still need and use these things.

Whether you want to make a call or just want to be able to drive somewhere, read on to find out more and discover what to expect or what you might need when starting a homestead or farm.

3 Regular Things You Need When Homesteading or Starting a Farm

  1. Auto Insurance

If you are still going to have a vehicle when you begin your farm or your homestead, then you will most likely need auto insurance. Unless you have completely converted your vehicle into the place where you sleep and you are no longer going to be using it for transportation, then you’re likely going to still need insurance.

You can always drive without insurance, but that’s likely not going to work out, as in most places it is illegal and you could end up losing your license. Unless you are relying on car services like Uber or your next-door neighbour Gerald to give you rides places, you will still likely need auto insurance in Welland.

  1. A Cell Phone

Let’s face it, you’re going to a farm or a homestead (or a place that will be the future site of that). So you’re not time traveling to the 19th century, you’re going to still want your cell phone. Some connection to the outside world is good. Even if you are only hanging on to your cell phone and service just to have an emergency option in case you get hurt and need to call someone or the hospital, it’s a good enough reason.

You will also save yourself some money on Internet service if you have a plan with your phone that connects to the Internet. Simply keep the plan intact and bring it along.

  1. Farm Insurance

Welland farm insurance keeps you covered when starting a farm. This is something that’s going to go above and beyond a basic home insurance policy, so make sure you look into farm insurance if you want a farm and not a homestead alone.

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